The Doritos continue to use penguins that were previously deducted for multilogging several weeks back. These penguins include; Firegame, Stallionfire, Joannah12, LowkeyAlbert, etc. Many others can also be identified through their choice of outfit, as seen in the picture below, taken from their training session, which transpired on October 25th, 2016.


Those that have an arrow above their head remain on the chat bar line for a specific reason. They are simply hidden multilogs, that have been used by the Doritos and the past, and have caused them to receive repeated deductions. There are several strong cases made  against these penguins that leads them to the only conclusion possible at this point, the conclusion being that they are multilogs, and not actually real recruits. These penguins have already been investigated, and deducted accordingly in the past.

Another very important fact that alludes to this evident multilogging, is the fact that many “toon” IDs of several acclaimed recruits change every day the DCP has an event. This can be seen below with 3 selected DCP “recruits” that appear consistently at events. Examples of these consistently changing IDs can be seen below.

Oct 18th:



Oct 19th:


As seen above, the IDs are too similar and change too often for them to be genuine troops. Rather, they are fabricated nulls, courtesy of either or an independent broswer (Internet explorer, Opera, Firefox). The conclusion remains that the nulls were made in order for the penguins to be recognized at events and not recognized as multilogs. Hence, the consistent change in the IDs, as well as the similarities the several IDs share on a daily basis.

The Doritos have also used Magnet89, an already exposed Dorito’s multilog. This penguin was exposed via Pastebin, all the way back in January of 2016. The post can be found here, and the screenshot of the pastebin containing the names an passwords of several exposed multilogs can be found here.

A picture shown below is a picture of Magnet89 being seen at the Dorito’s only event- last week: